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Pore Vacuum Blackhead Remover

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 Your Skin Will Thank You.

Beautiful skin has never been this easy! Experience healthy, brighter skin on day one!

Our Blackhead  Remover Pore Cleansing Tool minimizes the appearance of Large Pores and helps to remove dirt that causes Acne and Blackheads. This innovative multi-functional skincare device uses suction to remove all facial dirt trapped under your skin.


Blackhead remover: Designed with imported air pump and strong suction. It easily cleans up the Blackhead, Acne, Brightens and Rejuvenates your face, then Reduces Fine Lines.

Adjustable blackhead extractor: Equipped with three suction gears to adjust: Soft, Normal, Strong, thus the pore cleanser is suitable for multiple skin types

Multi-function cleaner: Four probes make it deep cleansing pores, remove blackheads, dead skin cells, dirt, oil and reduce fine lines, tighten pores.

Durable battery: Quick charge with the high-capacity lithium battery. Once fully charged, you could use it for 3 weeks. (Counted as twice usage per week and 5 minutes for once)


Package Includes

1 x Blackhead Remover

1 x USB Charging Cable

6 x Suction Nozzle Probes

How to use:

1. Steam your freshly cleaned face for 5 min with a warm towel to open pores.

2. Pop in the correct nozzle head based on your intended use.

3. We recommend starting with the lowest setting.

4. Move The Pore Pro back and forth, do not keep it in one spot for too long to avoid bruising.

 5. Use a cold towel or cooling mask to close your pores. Apply facial moisturizer when finished.