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MRNECKMEDIC Pressure Point Therapy Massager

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Do you suffer from muscle knots or persistent neck pain? You would benefit from this Pressure Point Therapy massager.

Since it’s portable, the neck massager can be used while you are on the road or at home. It’s the best way to remove any stiffness in your neck or pain as well as back pain and shoulder tension.



Targeted Pain Relief

The massager provides relief by applying direct pressure on the trigger points in your neck and shoulder and massaging them, squeezing and kneading all the pain and tension.

Improves Blood Flow And Circulation

It improves blood circulation and alleviates any sore muscles, tension, neck stiffness, fatigue, or neck pain. It also promotes healing for headaches, sprains, and tension headaches.


Customized Massage Intensity

The massager has ergonomic handles that are quite convenient allowing you to control the entire treatment aspect guaranteeing unparalleled results.

You can control the intensity, direction, and pace. After a few minutes of treatment, you will feel relaxed and refreshed after a few minutes of treatment.

Convenient And Portable

You can enjoy a deep and vigorous massage at home, school, or office even when traveling.

The massager is slender and portable allowing you to pack it in your luggage for convenient storage and use whenever you need it.