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Hands-Free Ultrasonic Automatic Toothbrush

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This innovative U-shape Electric Toothbrush uses sonic cleansing technology to deliver a gentle yet dynamic cleaning action. It drives fluid deep between teeth and along the gum-line to help prevent the development of gum disease and improve gum health.


Featured with its Super High Frequency of 5000 - 15000 Strokes Per Minute, it can remove coffee stains, plaques, debris effectively from your teeth without damaging the enamel.



  • 4 Amazing Function Modes: The brushing device has 4 unique modes. The Soft Cleaning Mode for light cleaning efficiency, the Strong Cleaning Mode for high and complete cleaning efficiency, the Massage Gums Mode for relaxing oral care, and the Whitening Mode for beautiful white looking teeth after long-term usage.


  • Powerful Teeth Whitening Functionality: As stated above, the brush has a Whitening Mode that activates nano blue lights to start stimulating the teeth whitening effects. Use this mode for 15 to 45 minutes a day for the best results. The time before seeing results highly depends on the individual. Therefore, no absolute results are guaranteed.
  • Antibacterial & Promotes Optimal Oral Health: With its unique U-shaped 360-degree rotating head and high-frequency sound wave vibration, the device can eliminate 99.99% of bacteria inside the oral cavity and provide dental health protection. Best of all, cleaning modes only take about 45 seconds!
  • Completely Safe To Use: The brush is made of 100% food-grade silicone and is allergen-free to allow anybody to use it properly and comfortably
  • Perfect gift for any friends & family!  

How to use:


  1. After a full charge, install the U-shaped brush head on top of the base.
  2. Shake the liquid toothpaste out of the foam and evenly apply it to the U-shaped brush head.
  3. Put the U-shaped brush head into your mouth, bite loosely on the brush head, and select the right frequency mode.
  4. After brushing your teeth, use a wet cloth to clean up the water and stagnation off the fuselage, and avoid soaking it.
  5. For more details, please read the instructions carefully.

Package includes:

1 x Electric toothbrush  
1 x USB Cable
1 x  charger base
1 x Use Manual