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BeachSheetz Beach Blanket Backpack

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Anti Sand Sand Mat, Lightweight, And Durable!

Make your next beach day or picnic a little more enjoyable with these huge nylon sand-free blankets! Perfect for anytime you're outdoors and don't want to come back cover in sand or dirt. 

Waterproof and sand proof

Camping can use as a moisture-resistant pad, Laying on the lawn or on the beach, Waterproof, Moisture, Sand, And food and clothing to keep clean. It can be used as a blanket/mattress or sun shelter/rain.         


Easy to wash and leave quickly

Spills from beverages, wet grass, and dirt are not a drawback as they pass directly creating a dry surface almost instantly. No machine wash - just wash with a hose.         


 Water repellent so it is great for soccer games, music festival or any outdoor activity
 Attached multifunctional gear pouch for keys, phones, etc. & doubles as the carrying bag when not in use


Package includes:
1 x Blanket
4 x Peg
1 x Storage Sack